Community | Updates Community Newsletter – April 13, 2022

Welcome back to another issue of our community newsletter.
Stay in the loop with the following updates!

Paris Blockchain Week Summit (April 12-14)

Watch the live stream starting tonight at 12am PST!
Join PBWS bringing together a diverse group representing the brightest minds to help you navigate through the blockchain industry.

2x TFUEL Earnings on

The TFUEL earning rate on THETAtv has been doubled on April 8. Watch Streams. Share Bandwidth. Earn $TFUEL Rewards.

Our team is regularly keeping an eye on the market and impact on THETAtv. We may continue to adjust TFUEL earning rates in the future to ensure a positive experience for users.

Send Us Your Favorite THETAtv Clips!

We are looking to share streamer clips on our social media channels. Feel free to tag us on social with #ThetaClips for a chance to have your clip featured!

Find us on Twitter and Instagram

Theta Think Tank Recap

Thank you to all the amazing projects that participated in our first Theta Think Tank. We thought this was a really valuable experience for our team and the community. We will be likely revisit this event in the near future. Get your ideas ready for the next Theta Think Tank!

P.S. There might be project(s) from the ThinkTank event on ThetaDrop soon. 

Theta Throwdown #4

Our next Theta Throwdown is scheduled for Saturday, April 30! Signups will open April 18.

This will be a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament powered by FACEIT. Will have separate brackets for North America and EU. Get your teams ready for the next Throwdown!

ICYMI: Theta Mainnet 4.0 Announcement

Introducing the next evolution of Theta blockchain – Theta Metachain goes live in Q4 2022. Learn how Theta Metachain is designed to scale to the needs of Web3 businesses in the new whitepaper:  

Twitch Pixel Studios "Good Game" Collection on ThetaDrop

Be a part of Twitch Pixel Animation’s journey to bring animation into the metaverse by joining the “Good Game Collection” drop this Friday (April 15)!

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