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Moving to a new platform is scary. It's like moving to a new town... you don't know anybody!

THETA’s warm and welcoming community will make you feel right at home from the first moment you start your stream on the blockchain. Both you and your viewers immediately become a meaningful part of THETA’s Global Network, which utilizes unused internet upload bandwidth and rewards TFuel automatically as you stream and/or watch.

Stop streaming the old way. Join the THETA Network. We’re proud to have you.

Start Streaming on the THETA EdgeCast

Introducing the THETA EdgeCast – the first 100% decentralized video streaming Dapp built on THETA’s native blockchain technology with smart contracts. This technology stack inc…

Creator Monetization Guide

Unlock Monetization: To unlock monetization, you must acquire 300 followers and 200 watch hours across your streaming and/or video content. Once these bars are filled, an …

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Upload and share your videos on Learn how to upload your videos on the platform…

If you’re a creator with an existing community on another platform, help us get to know you and your content!
We’ll be reaching out to creators based on availability to help the transition to

Streamer Roles


The start of your journey as a content creator on

Access to standard creator features


Intermediate level streamer. Subs enabled, CC donations enabled, cashout to USD.

Requirements – Complete Affiliate progress bars 


Top performing streamer. Orange Checkmark, front page features, higher sub split, and more!

Requirements – Complete the Partner Progress bars*

*Please note that your Partner or Affiliate progress should not be primarily a result of hosts, raids, 24hr streams, and Front Page spotlight. 

Partner Progress bars lists the minimum criteria we look for in potential Partners, and completing them does not guarantee Partnership.

Upon reaching the goals for each milestone, staff will be reviewing your channel and content before granting addition privileges to make sure they are inline with our creator guidelines

To unlock monetization, you must acquire 300 followers and 200 watch hours across your streaming and/or video content.


Role Privileges


  User Streamer/Monetized Affiliate Partner
Invite Link
Gift Items
Supply Drop ✓* ✓* ✓* ✓*
Weekly VOD Upload 1 1 3 5
Vault Slots 100 100 100 100
Emote Slots 0 0 5 10
Badge Slots 1 1 5 10
Sub Reward Slots   1 5 10
Withdraw to Wallet  
Tfuel Pool    
Donation Gifts  
Sub Split 0 80% 90% 100%


* Creators  must now apply to be eligible to receive supply drops. Details here: