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Take the next step on your streaming journey!

Streamer Roles



Introductory level streamer

Requirements - Secure a stream key. Find out HOW here


Intermediate level streamer

Requirements - Earn 750,000 xp during a season
Role Check - If you are currently an affiliate, you must stream at least once each season to maintain your role.


Top performing streamer

Requirements - Earn 3,000,000 xp during a season
Additional Perks - End of Season rewards TBA Seasons

XP will be reset each season. We are looking forward to bring in exciting programs an events along with each season.

When are the Seasons?

Season 1 - Jan 7 to Feb 29
Season 2 - Mar 7 to Apr 30
Season 3 - May 7 to Jun 30
Season 4 - TBD

How to Participate

As long as you are a streamer, you will be automatically participating in the current Season.

Role Streamer Affiliate Partner
Verified Channel Badge No No Orange Verified Checkmark
Subscriber Split No 50/50 60/40
TFuel Pool Yes Yes Yes
Donations TFuel TFuel + Credit Card TFuel + Credit Card
USD Cashout No Yes ($100 threshold) Yes ($100 threshold)
Withdrawal to crypto wallet No Yes Yes
1080p / 120fps HQ Stream No No Yes
Sponsored Prizes Supply Drop Affiliate Supply Drop Partner Supply Drop
Streamer Merch No No Yes (25% to streamer)
Bounty Rewards Yes Yes Yes
Custom Invite Link / Overlay Yes Yes Yes
Custom Emotes 0 2 5
Custom Badges 1 2 5
Notification Slots 1 2 3
Referral Rewards 30 TFuel / user 60 TFuel / user 120 TFuel / user