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Welcome to Theta! My name is Teddy and I will go over each part of the site


This is what Theta should look like on the Main Page. 
We will go over what parts are what.

Following and Recommended Side Bar

AllaboutTheta_overall view_follow side bar

On the left, you should see a heart Icon. If you hover your mouse, it should expand to your follow shortcut. This will show you all of the channels you follow. This also shows you recommended channels. 

Important Icons

On the top left, you should see a couple of icons resembling this image above.

Clicking on this brings you back to the main page

Click here to see what kind of Games, Live Streams and Videos, streamers have on their Channel.
Shortcut button to who you are following. This will also show you who is online or offline as well. This will not include Recommended Channels.

This will show what we have planned for each season on Theta~ This will include prizes you could win and Community Events.

Our Tfuel store where you can redeem your Tfuel for items.
Click here to look for a specific streamer or game.
When you click on this, this will give you a drop down for more options, which will be explained in the post below.

When you click on the 3 dots (No. 7 in the image above) it will give you a drop down menu. 

This will bring you to our community page, where we will post updates on what is happening and for fun stuff on Theta!
The compendium for Theta~ This will tell you more in depth information on what THETA is all about and we offer.
Need help with anything? Click on this and join the discord! You can submit your technical difficulties in our discord channel and mingle with other users.
This will bring you to the overall support FAQs for most of your needs. Some include how to claim promo codes, how to watch and earn Tfuel and more.
This brings you to our guide for how to earn Tfuel
This will bring you to a page that explains how to earn XP and what it is.
This will give you an overall guide to what subbing does.
This explains what Airdrops are
Our rules and guidelines for our site.
AllaboutTheta_overall view_top left corner drop down

Front Page Streamers

On the main page you may notice a video playing at the center. This is where you can find the featured streamers, Partners and much more! 

If you scroll down, you’ll find more channels for your convenience such as; recommended Channels, Events Theta has up, New channels etc.

Theres even tags in case you want something specific!

Your Account

On the top right corner of Theta, will be a couple of options

The amount of Tfuel you have accumulated so far
Notifications from streamers and Theta.
Items in your inventory included emotes, crates, prizes and much more!
Clicking on this will bring down a drop down menu for more options
If you click on your profile picture this is what the drop down will look like. It will have the shortcuts for Inventory, Account and Profile.

This will also have your Daily Reward Tab, Referral links and how to become a streamer.

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