Mission Statement

Our mission at THETA.tv is to create a content platform with engaging, interactive video content that first and foremost keeps users excited to return and watch our creators every day.

Creator Rules

By streaming on this platform, we expect that you will act in good faith to create live, engaging & interactive content.

The following is NOT acceptable from THETAtv creators (These apply to all streams, chats, and conduct in the THETAtv Discord Server):

  • Hateful Speech
  • Harassment
  • Illegal Activity
  • False Reporting of other Creators / Users
  • Real World Violence / Harmful or Dangerous Activities
  • Threats
  • Impersonating other people / Assuming authority
  • Animal Cruelty / Neglect
  • Nudity or Pornographic content
  • Content meant to abuse or take advantage of the platform
    Content that marginalizes any communities, groups, or people
  • Low effort / not in good spirit content

Please note: although we do not enforce our rules on conversations held outside the platform, if any behavior reflects poorly on the THETAtv brand we reserve the right to remove your status as an affiliate or partner.

THETAtv's Stance on Acceptable Content

THETAtv will review content based on whether the majority of the experience is live, and encourages interaction with the viewers. If the content is found to be passive, with little interaction between the viewers and streamer, or clearly intended to be low-effort and take advantage of the platform, it may be subject to punitive action.

A few examples…

  • Streamer XX is watching paint drying on stream. What is THETAtv’s stance?

THETAtv will look at what is the main source of content. Is the streamer live on camera, interacting with the audience? In essence, THAT is the show, not the paint drying. If the streamer is not on camera, barely talking to audience, and the content is quite literally, paint drying, that is considered low effort / not meeting the requirements of live and interactive.

  • What we recommend instead

Paint on stream live in front of your audience. Engage the viewers over what you are doing while you talk on-stream.

  • Streamer YY is playing VoD replays on stream. What is THETAtv's stance?

THETAtv will again ask… what is the main source of content here? Is the stream creating LIVE and interactive content from the replays? Or lazily just showing a highlight reel while they AFK for long periods of time?

  • What we recommend instead

Watch the content with a few other streamers and make ridiculous commentary over the video. Viewers are there for you, and the video becomes just a backdrop.

While these examples are not exhaustive, it starts to become pretty clear what type of content ‘is in good spirit’ of our rules, and what content is not. If you are ever unsure, please contact THETAtv staff to ask in advance.

Partnered 24/7 streams are a great avenue for us to work with various partners interested in helping us expand our content and visibility, but as a live-streaming platform we do want to continue to promote live and engaging content for viewers on the platform. Starting on July 28, we will be taking a look at channels and will be lowering the visibility of streams not deemed to be actively engaging for viewers. We have platform updates coming to better support 24/7 and VoD content.


Harassment is any content or activity that attempts to intimidate, degrade, abuse, or bully others, or creates a hostile environment for others, and is prohibited. THETAtv will consider a number of factors to determine the intent, context, and impact of any reported harassment. To help you identify what types of behavior and content may constitute harassment, below is a list of examples:

  • Bullying, such as repeated name calling or attempts to embarrass someone, with the intent to harm
  • Abusing someone based on their employer, organization, or other affiliation
  • Telling someone to harm themselves
  • Revealing someone’s personal information against their will
  • Sharing content with the intent to degrade, bully, or harm someone
  • Browsing or raiding channels with malicious intent
  • Unwanted sexual advances, sexual harassment, and sexual bullying
  • Deliberately submitting false reports, doctoring report evidence, or report brigading
  • Inciting or encouraging others to harass

Violating our policy against harassment will result in your account being suspended. Depending on the severity of the offense, harassers may be indefinitely suspended on the first violation.

Please note that at no point is it justified to harass ANY member of the THETA.tv community. This includes staff, admins, viewers, mods, sponsors,  and / or anyone else involved in the THETA.tv community.

Consumption of Alcohol and Substances

Illegal use of drugs, illegal or dangerous consumption of alcohol, and dangerous or distracted driving are not tolerated. If you choose to consume of any alcohol or other substances on stream, you must ensure that you follow all laws of your current location. Please be very careful as we will take swift action on your stream and account if we notice any type of dangerous or illegal behavior.

Being intoxicated is not an excuse for violating the streamer guidelines. Violations may result in an immediate suspension or permanent removal of your streamer role.

Community Responsibility

Creators are role models and leaders of the communities they create or foster around them. Creators should consider the consequences of their statements and actions of their audiences; we ask that you make a good faith effort to quell any efforts from those in your community to harass others.

THETAtv should not be used to incite, encourage, promote, facilitate, or organize hateful conduct or harassment, whether on or off the platform. We will suspend communities, organizations, and individuals that do so.
In our endeavor to nurture a healthy community and promote content that is appropriate for a diverse audience, sexually suggestive content is prohibited on THETAtv. In this regard, we wanted to remind all streamers to be mindful of any sexually suggestive behavior, content, and attire displayed on stream. Evaluations on the sexual suggestiveness of a behavior or activity will be addressed on a case by case basis. Context of each case will be considered.

Copyrighted Content

The viewing of any unauthorized content on the platform is in violation of our Creator Guidelines. Doing so will be a violation and may result in account suspension. Multiple violations of the community guidelines can cause permanent suspension of your account. Rights holders have the ability to request for all unauthorized content shut down/removed from the platform.

Supply Drop Promotional Item Usage

It is NOT ALLOWED to directly sell promotional items that THETA.tv provides. This is not in the good spirit of why we provide them, which is to further engage your active viewers.
ALLOWED: Top Donator gets a tub of G FUEL.
NOT ALLOWED: 7k TFuel for a tub of G FUEL.

Top Donos as of now is not allowed for excessive amounts of items. For example: "Top D gets the remaining supply drop", "Top D gets entire supply drop"

Any supply drops being used as promotion on other streaming sites are subject to disqualification from the supply drop program.

The intention of supply drops is to increase engagement and reward viewers of your THETA.tv stream. It is not mandatory to gift all of your supply drop.
Supply drops to a single user cannot exceed 3 items on any single day.

Any misuse of the supply drops will cause the creator to be subject to disqualification from future supply drops.

Stream Keys

Stream Keys are not allowed to be sold by any means.


Use of Streamer Notifications

Streamers who have access to send notifications to their followers must use this to engage users around your THETA.tv content.

Breaking the Rules

If you are found in violation of any of the above rules, one or more of these actions may be taken:

  • Warning

A written or verbal notice from staff of rule violation.

  • Channel Deranking / Visibility Removal

Channels with content deemed low effort / not in good spirit will be given less visibility on the platform. In some cases, channels may be unlisted on the platform.

  • Account Suspension

If your account is suspended, you may not access or use THETAtv services, including accessing your account, broadcasting, and chatting. Most violations resulting in a suspension will typically last 1 to 30 days.

  • Role Removal

Partnered and Affiliate streamers who have received multiple warnings or has committed a major violation of our rules may be subject to permanent removal of streamer role and privilege

  • Global Ban 

Your account will be disabled, any TFuel or other items will be removed, and you will no longer be allowed to use THETA.tv as a streamer or user.

Each violation of our Streamer Guidelines will be handled on a case by case basis. Depending on the severity of the violation you may have your account indefinitely disabled after your first offense. 

Fraudulent Activity

THETA.tv reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify, disable, and/or remove any earnings from any individual who is found to be participating in fraudulent activity. Acting in violation of Official Rules, or to be acting in any unsportsman-like or disruptive manner, or with the intent to disrupt or undermine the legitimate operation of streamer privileges, THETA.tv reserves the right to seek damages and other remedies from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Bots, Scripting, and Automation
User accounts utilizing bots, scripting or automation is not allowed on THETA.tv. For anyone wishing to utilize our APIs, or automate any task, for any purpose, must register with THETA.tv as a developer, be accepted, and adhere to policies regarding third-party applications running on THETA.tv. Any use of scripting outside of the developer program will be considered malicious and may be subject to the actions listed in the 'Breaking the Rules' section. This includes, but is not limited to, scripting automated chat in your channel, or entering any giveaway or prediction automatically, giving viewers items or gifts, or automated donations. Anyone wishing to do this should register as a developer to add this behavior as an app. Please talk to staff if you are interested in developing THETA.tv apps.

Fraudulent TFuel Transactions
As a general reminder to all those withdrawing $TFUEL, keep in mind that taking donations from a user in order to pay them back a portion or all of their $TFUEL is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban from all THETA platforms.

Any attempted manipulation of any system in place may result in an immediate suspension or permanent removal of your streamer role. 

Streamer FAQ

  • What is low effort / not in good spirit content?

If staff determines that the content you are streaming is not in good spirit for the platform, there are several actions they may take.

  • How do I report a violation of streamer rules?

You can report a streamer by filling out the following form: https://community.theta.tv/report-a-streamer/

  • How do I appeal a violation of streamer rules?

You can appeal a violation be sending a detailed message regarding your violation to THETAtv Support.


Note on the Future

Our blockchain-based video peering technology, the THETA Network, allows us to offer our content creators an entirely brand new source of income they cannot find on other live-streaming platforms with our Fuel Pool. Ultimately we plan to tackle VoD content next and are excited to soon share our vision on how this will fit into the THETA.tv platform!

If a topic isn’t covered in these guidelines please message us and ask if it is allowed. Announcements will be made in the case any significant changes are made. After an announcement is made all community members will need to comply regardless of what was previously allowed. If you have any questions about these, feel free to contact us!