This guide will show you how to buy and deposit TFuel to THETAtv. Do know that you may have to complete different verification processes on Coinbase and depending on the amount of TFuel / Ethereum you are looking to exchange.


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Once TFUEL is deposited to you will not be able to withdraw it unless your channel is monetized.

You are only able to deposit TFUEL to THETAtv. Do not send THETA to your THETAtv wallet.


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Start on Coinbase

Coinbase is an easy place to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrency. In this guide, we will use Coinbase to purchase Ethereum in which we can use to exchange for TFuel.

Make a Coinbase Account

Setting up a Coinbase account is quite simple. All you need to do is go through the 'Get Started' button on the Coinbase webpage to get your account created. Once you have an account you should able to access your portfolio as depicted.

Buy Ethereum

If you navigate to the 'Buy/Sell' tab, you will have the ability to purchase cryptocurrency using a payment method like a checking account or credit card. We will click on the 'Cryptocurrency' dropdown menu to select Ethereum. From here we can choose the amout of Ethereum we would like to purchase.

Check Your Account Balance

Depending on the payment method used, your Ethereum(ETH) wallet balance should update on Coinbase. Click the 'Accounts' tab on Coinbase to see your balances.

Find an Exchange

This is not necessarily a step you have to do, but for your own knowledge this is a great way to find exchanges that are exchanging the cryptocurrency you are looking for. If you navigate to the CoinMarketCap page of any given cryptocurrency, you can see which markets and pairs that are activity being exchanged. We will be using GATE.IO TFuel/ETH in this guide.

Sign Up for a Account is an exchange currently supporting the exchange between Ethereum and TFuel. You can click the 'Sign Up' button to create your account.

Check Your Balances

Once your account is created, click your 'Wallets' tab to see your account balances. This is where we will be able to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies on your account.

Deposit Your Coinbase Ethereum to

Clicking 'Deposit' on your wallet will give you an address to send Ethereum to. On Coinbase you will need to use the ETH Wallet 'Send' button to send your Coinbase Ethereum to your Ethereum wallet.

Exchange Your Ethereum for TFuel

Once your Ethereum is successfully deposited to, you can exchange it for TFuel on the exchange. Do keep in mind that your market order needs to be fulfilled for you to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Send TFuel from to THETAtv

Once you successfully exchange your Ethereum for TFuel, you can now withdraw your TFuel from into your THETAtv account. Each THETAtv account has a unique Theta Fuel Wallet address that you can send TFuel to. You can send your TFuel wallet balance to the TFuel wallet address linked to your THETAtv account.

Shortly Wait For Your TFuel Balance to Update

TFuel transactions usually process quickly. It should only take a few minutes to see your updated TFuel balance reflected on your THETAtv account. You should be able to see your balance after refreshing your page after 10 minutes. You can also click on your Wallet Address to see the current status of your TFuel deposit to your THETAtv account.

Use Your TFuel on THETAtv

Whether you want to donate TFuel to your favorite streamer or pick up some sweet loot from the THETAtv Shop, the choice is up to you! You can also use TFuel to get some amazing discounts on highly desired items like games, controllers, and even PC parts!