General Rules's number one priority is to create a happy, healthy community around live streaming. Please respect these rules and and kindly remind others as well. Please note that these rules apply to EVERY user on (including streamers, mods, staff, viewers, etc...)

  • Hateful Speech
  • Harassment
  • Illegal Activity
  • False Reporting of other Streamers / Users
  • Real World Violence / Harmful or Dangerous Activities
  • Threats
  • Impersonating other people / Assuming authority
  • Nudity or Pornographic content
  • Activity meant to abuse or take advantage of the platform

...and above ALL


Username Rules

Please follow the following rules regarding your username. If your username violates any of these rules, it may be automatically changed.

The following is NOT acceptable usernames on THETAtv:

  • Usernames that promotes, encourages, or facilitates hateful conduct
  • Usernames with obscene words (this includes any type of spelling used to circumvent our filter)
  • Usernames promoting violence, threats, or self-destructive behavior
  • Usernames intended to impersonate others

Profile Picture Rules

  • No nudity, pornographic, or other sexual content
  • No violence, gore, or other obscene content
  • No profile pictures including hateful images or words

    Payment Fraud and Chargebacks

    Any case of payment fraud may lead to your account being disabled. It the case you are looking to request a refund, please contact support to address your concerns. Any unwarranted chargebacks may lead to your account being disabled.

Please be mindful of the guidelines listed here. Failure to follow these rules may result in your account being suspended or disabled indefinitely.