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THETA Throwdown: Fall Guys!

Will you take the crown?

Come throwdown and show your skills in Fall Guys on Saturday September 3rd, 2022 at 11am PST! 

We will be hosting multiple games for the chance to win some exclusive Creator Club NFT’s! 

To participate in the event, tweet @THETAtv and @ThetaDrop using the #THETAThrowdown with a video submission (gameplay, short message, etc.)  & your ThetaDrop + Discord Username’s (ex Smith &  Smith#5010)

Game invites will be sent out via Discord in our #THETAThrowdown Channel. 

Those who upload their Videos to and tweet their Video link to us will also receive an exclusive crate with the chance to receive a limited edition THETA Throwdown T-Shirt!

All Stream Key Streamers, Edgecast Streamers, and Video Creators are all encouraged to participate! 
Tweet your submission before September 2nd, 2022 to qualify for the event!

Exclusive Creator Drop THETADrop NFT!

We have reserved a select number of NFT Packs from he Creator Club drop for this Throwdown! 
1’st place winners of each of the custom games will receive one of these NFT’s in their ThetaDrop inventory!


What do I need to do to participate?

– Tweet an original Video submission to us (upload it to for an awesome crates)
– Include your Discord username in the tweet (example: Smith#5010)
– Be active in our Discord THETA Throwdown channel on September 3rd for instructions on how to join the games
– Tweet your submission before September 2nd, 2022 to qualify for the event
– Join the discord below and message Smith#5010 if you have any questions! 

How do I get my ThetaDrop NFT?

In order to receive an exclusive NFT,  please make sure to and create a ThetaDrop account and include your username in your twitter submission!


1. All participants will withhold our TOS via Streamer/Community Guidelines
2. Failure to comply to our rules, may result in disqualification.
3. Any form of stolen, illegal, or inappropriate content will lead to an automatic disqualification 
4. Only one submission per person
5. Have fun playing this event! 

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