We’re in the process of updating our accounting rules and processes. As part of this, we need to pay outstanding TFUEL you have accrued in the next 60 days. You have the option to withdraw TFUEL directly into your THETA wallet or convert to US Dollars and receive as a wire to your bank account.

Note: this is mandatory, and if you don’t act by May 31st, 2021 11:59pm PST deadline, you will lose your TFUEL balance and it will be reset to 0.
*DISCLAIMER* This only applies to monetized content creators. Users will be unaffected at this time.

You MUST submit to withdraw your TFUEL before May 31, 2021!

To withdraw, submit your THETA wallet address* here: withdraw.theta.tv



Withdrawals will occur during two windows:


May 3 – 7

June 1 – 4

To be eligible for withdrawal, you MUST fill out your Tipalti tax forms.

If your account is monetized or Affiliate and you have not signed up for Tipalti, contact tyler@thetalabs.org or on Discord TV#4245

*To create a THETA wallet, visit wallet.thetatoken.org

† An accurate wallet address must be provided. Once a request is submitted it is final.


– The Theta Team


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is required to withdraw?

Only streamers who have unlocked MONETIZATION will be required to withdraw TFUEL before May 31st.
Users and non-monetized creators will be unaffected at this time.

How to withdraw?

Visit wallet.thetatoken.org and create a THETA wallet, then submit your public wallet address to withdraw.theta.tv before May 31st.

                        If you are not monetized then you will not be be eligible to withdraw. For more information on how to become monetized: Click here!

What happens after this?

                                                       After  May 31st, TFUEL will be automatically withdrawn from your account for amounts over 100 TFUEL.                                                      Your TFUEL will be lost if you do not provide a cold crypto wallet or convert to StableCoin.