Get your hands on a Streamkey!

With the popular demand from content creators looking to stream on, we’ve put together Theta Tryouts as a way for our community to find new creators to join our streamer roster.

1st Theta Tryout Date & Times:

(Times in PDT)

June 4, 2021

10am – 1pm & 4pm – 7pm

How it Works

1. Stream on Theta EdgeCast During Theta Tryouts

The community will be taking a look at EdgeCast streamers during Theta Tryouts. Get your Edgecast setup for your tryout! Make sure to connect your EdgeCast stream to your channel. 

2. Theta Staff will be Granting Streamkeys!

Members of the Theta Staff will be allocated a limited amount of Streamkeys during the tryouts. Streamkeys will be granted to Theta channels that are live on the Theta EdgeCast

Keep an eye out for Staff in your chat as they will be trying to get to know you, your content, and your community better. 

3. Spread the Word about Your Theta Tryout!

We’ll be finding out which channels to check out via #ThetaTryouts on Twitter / discord / etc. Make sure that you and your viewers share the word so that members of the Theta community can find your channel. Use the template below to easily make an image to promote your tryout!