What is TFuel?

Theta Fuel, or TFuel, is a real-world cryptocurrency that you can earn on THETA.tv by watching streams and automatically sharing your upload bandwidth.

How do I earn TFuel?

You earn TFuel for every minute you watch streams on THETA.tv that are powered by the THETA Network. As you watch the stream/s, THETA will use your excess upload bandwidth to share the stream with other viewers. Look for streams with an orange TFuel icon in the top right - these are the ones you can earn TFuel on. The more you share, the more you earn!

What can I do with TFuel?

You can donate your TFuel to streamers on THETAtv, spend it in the shop, or use it to purchase a subscription to your favorite streamers!

What affects my earning rate for TFuel?

Two main factors affect your earning rate: 1) the amount of other viewers you are sharing with and 2) your internet speed. You’ll automatically earn more TFuel for each viewer you are sharing your stream with, up to a maximum of 10 peers. Your internet upload bandwidth also will affect your TFuel earning rate.

Can I earn TFuel 24/7?

Yes, as long as you are watching streams on the THETA Network! Keep an eye out for channels with the TFuel icon on them to earn  TFuel 24/7. Stay tuned to our TelegramDiscord, and Twitter for more updates.

What affects my earning rate for TFuel?

Your TFuel will be credited on Sundays if you have a minimum of 0.6 TFuel. Earning is from the data shared TO PEERS only. Opening additional tabs is allowed but it WILL NOT earn you more TFuel.

What’s the difference between Theta Token and Theta Fuel?

Theta Fuel is the new premium currency on THETA.tv. Theta Token was phased out and is able to be converted into TFuel. The conversion is 10 TFuel for 1 THETA so your buying power in the THETA.tv store remains the same. Be sure to read this in-depth Theta Blockchain FAQ if you want to understand the detailed security reasons behind separating the staking/governance Theta Token and operations/transactional Theta Fuel.

Advanced FAQ

Want to get more in depth with the more advanced FAQ regarding TFuel and the Theta Network? Click the button below to see our Advanced FAQ.