Season 2: Powered by Vincero Watches has partnered up with Vincero Watches to make Season 2 bigger and better than ever… it’s only here for a limited time, folks! Check out the details below.

All-New Season 2 Emotes

Have a Vincero emote idea? Submit it here for a chance to have your idea turned into reality and featured in the next batch of emote drops!

Have a Vincero emote idea? Submit it HERE

Weekly Vincero Supply Crates

Every week our streamers, affiliates, and partners will receive a Vincero supply crate chock full of incredible prizes, including our Limited Edition Vincero x Season 2 T-shirt.

Limited Edition Season 2 Shirt

Win a community event, get lucky with a Vincero crate, or ask your favorite streamer if they have an extra they can spare you.

Claim the and emotes and use it in chat every Friday during the #THETASurge for a chance to get a prize from the VinceroDropBot. Make sure you have your mobile push notifications on for this one.

Community Events

3/6 1pm PT - Did you know that Vincero means “I will win?” Use your creativity to win a luxury watch! Simply draw a picture that either directly or conceptually has to do with watches, winning, or anything in between.

Streamers will be drawing live from 1pm - 3pm PT.

Viewers may submit drawings before 3pm PT here.

Our host, Vesi, will show the drawings live on stream and the community will decide a winner on Friday at 3pm PT.

Upcoming events:

Photoshop Battles

Speedrunning Contests

Voices of Vincero

...and more! Patch Notes 1/24/2020

We heard your feedback and profoundly apologize for including the partner role as a leaderboard-based status that could be lost. It was never our intention to divide the community but instead, to create an exciting event around season-based rewards.

With these proposed changes, the goal is to promote a more collaborative environment on where streamers can help each other on their path to partner, yet still have a friendly competition around end-of-season prizes.

Patch Notes:

-Partner XP requirement is now a static 3 million XP for Season 1; there is no longer a set amount of ‘partner slots’ to compete over.
-Affiliate XP requirement is now a static 750,000 XP for Season 1.
-Partner status cannot be lost.

-Leaderboards are now called the “All-Star Arena,” which correlates only to end of season rewards, to be announced early next week.
-Channel (Streamer) XP earned through paid actions

- donations and subs - are now capped at 30% of a channel’s total XP.

Example 1: Stephen has 100,000 XP. Subs and donations cannot make up more than 30,000 XP until Stephen earns more XP through non-paid actions such as follows, chat, predictions, watch time, etc.

Example 2: Karen has not streamed on this season yet receives a $1,000 donation. Karen will have 0 XP on the Leaderboards. As Karen streams and receives engagement XP, then the XP from her large donation begins to count little by little, staying at no more than 30%


It is with great pleasure that we announce as of today, January 15th, 2020, is now officially renamed!

Our business has grown and evolved over the years since we first started in 360° Virtual Reality Esports in 2016, maturing into a giveaway platform for Twitch streamers to grow their brand, finally resulting in the March 15th, 2019 launch of our blockchain-powered live streaming website -, powered by the Theta Network.

Almost one year later, this name change allows us to better match our goals and closely align our brand alongside the flagship product - the Theta Network - our decentralized peer-to-peer CDN delivery infrastructure based on the blockchain. is the first of many video platforms to implement the Theta Network infrastructure, dramatically increasing user engagement and slashing video CDN costs by over 50%.  With the team working in-house alongside the Theta Network engineers, we’re afforded the opportunity to improve our technology and gauge the results in real-time. 

The Theta Network team celebrates today's launch

As we move into the future, will now exclusively feature 100% blockchain-based direct livestreams and no longer embed other websites. Furthermore, the community will now collectively decide the top creators on the platform with the brand-new Partner Royale - a season-based streamer XP leaderboard that awards the top 10% of streamers with the coveted Theta Partner title. For those looking to stream on, they will have to get their hands on a stream key and from there work their way up to Affiliate, Partner, and finally Partner Prestige. More info on streaming to can be found here.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you like our new name. The logo remains the same as with slightly updated, brighter colors. You may find our new updated brand guidelines and logo download here. The launch of is just the beginning of what will no doubt be a monumental 2020; thank you for continuing to be the best community on the internet!




The THETA team.