On September 27, Theta Labs will relaunch THETAtv to a single-channel platform to showcase Theta Video API and the Theta edge network. We’re grateful to all of the creators who collaborated with us over the years, and the final day to stream will be Tuesday, September 19.

There is a common misconception among many new users in our ecosystem that we are trying to become the next Twitch or YouTube Live; we believe that this update will further clarify our identity as the leading Web3 infrastructure for video streaming, media, and entertainment.



Why is Theta making this change?
Theta.tv has always been a showcase of Theta’s underlying blockchain technology for video and streaming. However, many new users’ first impression was that we were trying to compete with Twitch or YouTube, whereas our vision in the long-term is to power many of these existing platforms. We believe that this update will further distinguish our identity as the leading Web3 blockchain infrastructure for video streaming, media and entertainment.

What will happen to my TFUEL?
You can transfer all your TFUEL from THETA.tv to ThetaDrop before Tuesday, September 19. These will be locked TFUEL that you can use for any primary and secondary purchases. Learn how to transfer your TFUEL here.

What will happen to other items in my inventory?
If you have any redeemable items, be sure to claim them before Tuesday, September 19 or you will lose them forever!

What will happen to my badges & emotes?
You can export your TNT-721 badges & emotes to your own personal wallet by September 19 if you follow the instructions here.

What will happen to any uploaded VODS?
VODs will be removed from the THETA.tv platform on Wednesday, September 27