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The Great THETA Bakeoff!

Shake and Bake!

It’s the Holiday season and we want to know what you are cooking this December! 

Share with us a video of you baking/cooking/grilling your dish this December and have the community vote for their favorite dish! 

Tweet @THETAtv your video along with the #ThetaBakeOff to enter! 

Then you can join us on December 18th at 3pm for our Community Voting Livestream! You can watch as we review each submission and then vote for our favorites! 

Be sure to also upload your video to your Channel!  

Prize Informaion

The top voted dishes will receive and exclusive unannounced piece of merchandise that has never been released before…

Please make sure to join our Discord for updates about the event and information about the voting! 


1. All participants will automatically accept following our TOS via Creator/Community Guidelines
2. Failure to comply to our rules, may result in disqualification.
3. Any form of cheating will lead to an automatic disqualification 
4. Videos must be original content from the user
4. Only one submission per user. 
5. Have fun! 

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