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THETA Streamer Celebration

Our streamers spend countless hours behind their cameras serving up smiles to the community. Now it is time we will show our love back to them!

The celebration begins this Friday 7/10 and lasts all day long
(even if you’re in a different time zone!)

How it works for Viewers!

You spend hours watching the content these streamers are putting out. Now it is time for you to show your appreciation for all the time they have spent behind the camera to entertain us by building up all your compliments to give back to them.

Friday there will be an exclusive Streamer Appreciation Day Crate that will contain exclusive emotes and more importantly the Celebration Badge!

When you collect 5 badges, post a screenshot of your 5 badges along with your THETAtv username using the hashtag #StreamerAppreciationDay. Make sure to also leave a compliment to your favorite streamers in the post to show them your appreciation!

If you do not have Twitter DM TV (TV#4245 on Discord) with the same criteria.


Once your post has been verified, you will receive a GOLDEN APPRECIATION CRATE. This crate will have all the current THETAtv merch, GFUEL, TFuel so get out there and show your love and possibly receive some love in return!

* Streamers are eligible for receiving the #StreamerAppreciationDay campaign rewards

* You can receive multiple crates if you receive enough badges.

How it works for Streamers!

All you have to do is be you and be awesome! This Friday is a one day to celebrate you being a streamer. You all spend countless hours creating unique content ideas for us to enjoy so it’s time to go live and celebrate your hard work.

Any streamer who goes live for at least 1 hour on Friday will be eligible to receive the Streamer Celebration 2020 badge as well as a donation from THETA Admins as a bonus for your dedication. Stream during the Golden Hours From 10 am to 2 pm PST for additional chances at receiving some of that THETA love!

* Do not worry if you are not able to stream during this time as we will keep an eye out for you all.

See you all on Friday!


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