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THETA EdgeCast Challenge Winners

Here are the winners of the THETA EdgeCast Challenge! Watch these great videos to learn more about the EdgeCast and share them to help spread the word about this new awesome technology we are building. 1st Place 35,000 $TFUEL Each PixieKittie FourthMedia 2nd Place 20,000 $TFUEL FatSeaTurtle 3rd Place 5,000 $TFUEL Each Prangel LaCasadelGaming Special…

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Theta EdgeCast Challenge

THETA EdgeCast Challenge Introducing Theta EdgeCast – the world’s first decentralized streaming DApp for end-to-end live streaming, transcoding, caching and video delivery.  In order to help spread the word about this amazing technology, we’re issuing an official challenge to all content creators to create the best tutorial video on the new THETA EdgeCast! 100,000 TFuel…