Supply Drop

The supply drop is a perk that we provide for our streamers to help engagement and reward viewers for supporting their streams!
With supply drops you are able to do your thing on stream and then celebrate with the viewers with some exclusive Emotes, Badges and more!

Based on your Streamer role, you can receive a different tier of supply drop. Details on roles and their different perks  here ->

Once you are accepted to the program, you will automatically agree to our rules stated below and on the form.
Failure to comply with our rules, will result in immediate removal for the supply drops.


1. You must follow our ToS at all times: Creator Guidelines Link
2. When gifting from the supply drops, you must be LIVE and ACTIVE
3. Offline gifting is prohibited
4. It is NOT ALLOWED to directly sell promotional items that provides
5. Giving away an excessive amount to one user in the hopes of emptying your supply drop is prohibited.
6. Any misuse of the supply drops will cause streamer to be subject for disqualification from future supply drops.
7. Supply drops are to reward your viewers for coming and supporting you, if caught abusing and gifting an excessive amount of items to one person may result in disqualification. (Max 3 per viewer per day)
8. Applying for this Supply Drop means you are agreeing to our ToS and what we listed here. Failure to comply will also result in immediate disqualification from future supply drop.

You can see FAQs on supply drop usage at

Interested? Fill out the form below!


How do I know if I was accepted?

We tried to make the process as seemless as possible. If you were accepted, you can expect to see your supply drop sent out every Friday!

Why am I not receiving my drop.

This could be due to numerous factors. If you had recently applied and did not receive the supply drop from the previous Friday, it is likely that your application was rejected because the application response was not able to demonstrate why having a supply drop will benefit your community. 
Feel free to reapply and  show us  why you really deserve the drops!

All streamers must apply for the program to be eligible for the drop regardless if they had received drops before the new program.

The supply drop could also be revoked if an admin deems the usage to be questionable.
You can contact an admin for information for the reason of denial to help get you on track.

Why the change?

The supply drop has been part of for quite some time. It is now time for a major update. 
The intention of supply drops is to increase engagement and reward viewers for supporting your stream.
With all the changes in TFUEL and’s direction, the supply drop is updated to reflect our new direction.

In  the past, we noticed that some have tried to abuse the supply drop and we have decided to create a new system to encourage content and community over rewards. 

If you would like apply to receive a supply drop, please make sure to opt in via the above form. (Existing creators also need to fill in Please fill out this form as accurately as possible, failing to do so could lead you to not receiving a supply drop.