Hello Streamer #19

Welcom to Hello Streamer issue #19

 In this issue we have snkrsbar, Retaunted, koopakills, CAPNCOCKPUNCH, and NickWerkz

Message from snkrsbar

“Hello Friends! My name is Norman aka snkrsbar and I am a fellow sneakerhead/reseller and hooper that plays a variety of games!”

Consoles most used
PC, and a bit of mobile!
Stream Schedule
Typically 10am-12pm CDT, otherwise whenever I have some spare time 😀

Social media Discord: snkrsbar#8709
Message from Retaunted

“I’m a 20 year old streamer from the UK. I play shooters.”

Consoles most used Xbox, Switch & PC
Stream Schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Social media
Discord: Retaunted#9863
Message from koopakills

“Hi, I am Koopa! I am a variety streamer and content creator for EasternMediaGG. I like to focus on positivity and good vibes when streaming, to try and make a place where people can relax and take their mind off any problems of the day. I love to interact with people in chat! That is actually what got me into streaming in the first place 🙂 I tend to be a bit of a noob and may live under a rock though… ”

Consoles most used PC, and a bit of mobile!
Stream Schedule
Daily at 9pm-3am (est time zone)

Social media
Discord: koopakills#9243


“I’m your mean girl best friend. I’m loud, aggressive, angry; I’m the living embodiment of the “W” key. Nihilistic humor, and no holds barred commentary. But mostly, I’m here for the community; we’re a family, and I treat it as such. “

Consoles most used


Stream Schedule

Mon-Fri 1:30 PM EST

Social media

How can I be part of Hello Streamer as a Streamer?

Streamers are selected at random

The community may also suggest streamers to the program! If you would like to suggest a streamer, please make sure you join our Discord

What do I need to do to get Limited Edition Emotes?

All you need to do is tune in to any of the 3 channels, when they’re live, and chat in their channel!

If the streamer deems you worth of being chatty they will reward you with the emote!

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