Community | Updates Community Newsletter – February 5, 2020

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We’ve got a great lineup of notable content creators coming from the Latin America region. 

Learn about the creators and tune into some entertaining streams during LATAM Week!

EdgeCast Streamer Spotlight

New to the platform and you’re an EdgeCast Streamer? 
Sign up today and get a chance to get featured!

Requirements: Must have their EC Stream working by the time they’re scheduled. 
Failure to provide a working stream, may remove you from the featured slot. 

Stream on the THETA EdgeCast

Want to start streaming on Take a look at the EdgeCast info below to get started. 

NFTs on

All emotes & badges have been converted to non-fungible tokens (also known as NFTs) fully powered by THETA blockchain technology. Creators can now mint NFTs and share them with their fans!

Join the Discord!

If you haven’t joined the Discord already, make sure to come join our with 45,000+ members from the THETA community

Upcoming Events

We have a handful of events of events coming up this month.
Keep an eye out for the announcement of these events, but here’s a few clues for you to guess what is coming up!

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