Hello Streamer #23

Welcom to Hello Streamer issue #23

 In this issue we have HeadChefGaming, Zexie and HighsGamingHub

Message from HeadChefGaming

“I am Pim 27 years old and i am a chef who loves gaming. I ride motorcycle aswell and love to travel either alone or in a group.”

Consoles most used
PC at the moment and soon PC and if possible PS5 in the future aswell

Stream Schedule

Mostly valorant, every sunday marbles on stream and sometimes fall guys.

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Message from Zexie

“Zexie is all about the community! We are a company dedicated to helping people gap the bridges between content and it’s viewers. Whether your a competitive/casual gamer, tech nerd, or just the average joe, we have something for you. We try our best to bring you best content around especially during these trying times our world is going through. ”

Consoles most used
We mainly play on PC but a lot of times you will find our live podcasts and tournaments.

Stream Schedule

Tuesday – 3pm – 7pm cst Wed – 3pm – 7pm cst Thurs – 10am – 2pm cst

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Stream Schedule

6PM – 9pm PST Mon-Tues / Off Wednesday /Thurs-Sun (Sunday is Movie Night)

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Message from HighsGamingHub

“They call me High and I’m a 29 year old with a love for games. I love all the genres but, my favorite are MMORPG’s and MOBA’s! Like most of you, I consider playing video games a sort of therapy. The channel is about being Positive, Motivated, and showing Love to one another! Please stop by and say Hello promise you wont regret it! Fun Facts: Proud Pug dog owner/ Navy Vet / Meditate Daily.”

Consoles most used
PC Primary w/ Xbox Occasionally

How can I be part of Hello Streamer as a Streamer?

Streamers are selected at random

The community may also suggest streamers to the program! If you would like to suggest a streamer, please make sure you join our Discord

What do I need to do to get Limited Edition Emotes?

All you need to do is tune in to any of the 3 channels, when they’re live, and chat in their channel!

If the streamer deems you worth of being chatty they will reward you with the emote!

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