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Recent News

Season 4 is Now Live

As Autumn approaches, Timmy and Tammy have decided to adventure out in their space station. They will be docking in orbit at various habitable planets throughout the THETA-verse this season.

Learn more about Season 4 by taking a look at the link below

Sub Sale: Live until Sept 4

Start off Season 4 by supporting your favorite streamers with the Season 4 sub sale! This sale ends on September 4. Make sure to join the sale before it’s too late!

*Gifted subs are not included in this sale


What do you like about blockchain? 

Share it with us & win a $THETA facemask! We’ll be choosing a new winner EVERY DAY this month. Tweet using the hashtag #ilikeblockchain & your @THETAtv username. x Castr is now available for streamers on the CastrHQ multistreaming platform. This will allow over 200,000 streamers on Castr to discover as a streaming destination. 


Referral Rewards

We’ve made some updates to simplify our referral program. If you’re interested in being rewarded for bringing new folks to the platform, make sure to come see the updated referral rewards program. Referral rewards will be the same for all individuals who are eligible for the program. 

FailArmy x

FailArmy is one of our newest content partners showcasing some hilarious fails that are sure to bring a smile to your face. If you’re in need of a little break, checkout the FailArmy channel for some incredibly entertaining fails. 

Keep an eye out for more exciting content coming to BETA Version

Our development team has been using feedback from the community to continue to tweak the user interface to best support viewers, streamers, and partners to our platform. You can access the beta version of the site via in your profile options or simply click the link below to check it out. 

New THETA GFuel Shaker?

We know you've been waiting...

Are you ready to see the new GFuel shaker? Tune into the GFuelEnergy Thetaverse stream this Friday to get a first look (and maybe be one of the first people to get your hands on one)

Tune into the GFuel stream on Friday, September 4 @ 3PM PDT

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