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Season 2: Powered by Vincero Watches has partnered up with Vincero Watches to make Season 2 bigger and better than ever… it’s only here for a limited time, folks! Check out the details below.

All-New Season 2 Emotes

Have a Vincero emote idea? Submit it here for a chance to have your idea turned into reality and featured in the next batch of emote drops!

Have a Vincero emote idea? Submit it HERE

Weekly Vincero Supply Crates

Every week our streamers, affiliates, and partners will receive a Vincero supply crate chock full of incredible prizes, including our Limited Edition Vincero x Season 2 T-shirt.

Limited Edition Season 2 Shirt

Win a community event, get lucky with a Vincero crate, or ask your favorite streamer if they have an extra they can spare you.

Claim the and emotes and use it in chat every Friday during the #THETASurge for a chance to get a prize from the VinceroDropBot. Make sure you have your mobile push notifications on for this one.

Community Events

3/6 1pm PT - Did you know that Vincero means “I will win?” Use your creativity to win a luxury watch! Simply draw a picture that either directly or conceptually has to do with watches, winning, or anything in between.

Streamers will be drawing live from 1pm - 3pm PT.

Viewers may submit drawings before 3pm PT here.

Our host, Vesi, will show the drawings live on stream and the community will decide a winner on Friday at 3pm PT.

Upcoming events:

Photoshop Battles

Speedrunning Contests

Voices of Vincero

...and more!

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