Season 2 Patch Notes

Hey THETA.tv Squad!

Today we have quite a few patch notes to release with Season 2. We've been spending quite a bit of time looking over your feedback and discussing with individuals in the community what would be best to provide a great experience for everyone.

Daily Rewards
- Brand new limited edition emotes will be a staple of Daily rewards
- Daily rewards can now be claimed by clicking the “Hello” button in chat

Bug Fixes
- Badge counts on user profiles has been fixed

Viewer XP Changes
- Chat XP cap has been reduced to 75 XP per 10 minutes
- Entering a Prediction XP has been reduced to 10 XP per Prediction
- Boosting a Prediction XP has been reduced to 5 XP per boost

Partner & Affiliate Goals
- Progress tracked in your dashboard
- 60 days rolling

Affiliate & Partner Progress will be based on 3 Progress Bars.
- To complete them you must fill these bars to 100%. Progress is calculated over the past 60 days of activity.

Viewer Engagement (Follows + Viewers)
- Gaining followers and concurrent unique viewers will add points to this bar

- Engaged and unique chatters will add points to this bar

Stream Time (Hours Streamed)
- Maintain a base number of hours streamed over the last 60 days

Once streamer completes all three progress bars, they enter a content & behavior review period by staff. Any attempted manipulation of any system in place can result in a rejection of your application.

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