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Creator Celebration

Help us break the all time live streamer record on!

Receive an exclusive Creator NFT on ThetaDrop.

Friday, August 13th 10AM-1PM (PDT).

It’s time to celebrate and commemorate YOU, the creators of our platform.

ALL creators who sign up and go live on this day will receive exclusive emotes & badges to give out to their viewers and a special Creator NFT on ThetaDrop!

Exclusive Creator THETADrop NFT! (Limited Time)

EVERYONE has the opportunity to receive a Creator Exclusive NFT Drop! This NFT was made JUST for our creators to celebrate your involvement with helping shape our community! 

Every streamer that goes live on Friday August 13th (both Edgecast and Streamkey), will be qualified to receive an exclusive limited time NFT Drop on THETADrop! To earn this limited and rare NFT please submit to the Creator Celebration form with both your and THETADrop Usernames (The form can be found in our Streamer Announcement channel in Discord and will also be emailed to each streamer). 

Can’t stream? All users should be able to upload at least one video that will be eligible to receive the NFT on ThetaDrop. Scroll down to learn more.

Please fill out the form below to qualify for your ThetaDrop NFT! 
(It may take up to 1-2 weeks for the NFTs to be distributed after the event)


Event Schedule

For this big event, we want you to be the star of the show! We want to see every one go live! Here are our plans for this celebration:

Supply Drop

On Friday Aug 13th at 9AM PDT, we will have a special  supply drop specifically for this event.
These items will be exclusive only for that day. After Aug 13th 4PM PST, your supply drop will go back to normal

Event Live Stream
We have fun Live Stream event planned for the Celebration! Come join us for an awesome day of games, fun, and excitement! Join Smith and Salt as they go through and play some community games and reminisce and’s journey so far! We will also have an opportunity for you the creators to come on  the stream and share your personal experience with us! 

NFT and Merch!
Throughout the Stream we will be giving out a bunch of exclusive limited time THETA merch and showcasing our AWESOME Creator Exclusive THETADrop NFT! 



What do I need to do to participate?

– Stream on Friday, August 13th and post on Twitter with #ThetaCreatorCelebration
– Everyone that currently has a supply drop, will receive the special drop automatically.
– If you’re interested in participating in our Creator Celebration stream, drop by our Discord  and look for the #CreatorCall voice channel when the stream is live!
– Both Edgecast and Streamkey Streamers can participate!

How do I get my ThetaDrop NFT?

In order to receive the exclusive NFT Drop, please make sure to fill out our form linked above and create and ThetaDrop account!


How do I get the supply drop?

In order to receive a supply drop, please make sure to check out the Supply Drop Form located in our Streamer Announcements channel in discord as well as email that was sent to you . Supply drops will be given to every streamer who is currently a part of the supply drop program.

What if I only post VODS?

VODS are welcomed for this event since you’re still considered as a content creator.
During this event, if you uploaded your best moments on our platform, we would like to see them!
Feel free to post the VODs via link in our Discord, the #VODHighlights channel.

Who knows we may even promote them on our social media.
You do, however, have to keep in mind the rules for these VODS.

All VODS must be your own content.
All VODS must also follow our TOS, Community and Streamer Guidelines.
All VODS must be submitted by the actual creator.
Please have 30 seconds Minimum for VODS

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