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TFuel on Mainnet 3.0 Update

  • How is effected by the Mainnet 3.0 change in Transaction fees?

    • As a result of the change in Theta Network transaction fees, transactions happening on the blockchain will be changed in price.
      Cost to create an emote/badge costs 16 TFuel
      Cost to grant an emote/badge is now 2 TFuel Cost to sub and donate to a channel is now 0.3 TFuel

      As part of the fee increase, the pending TFuel settlement period is now every week on Sunday, and only settle when the earning is at least 0.6 TFuel.

  • Why was this change made?

    • As Theta gains more prominence flood spam attacks could pose a challenge to Theta blockchain integrity as well. The best way to prevent these flood spam attacks is by a moderate increase in the gas fee on Theta protocol, which still keeps fees far lower than on Bitcoin or Ethereum, but high enough to make it costly to attempt an attack. Read the TFuel Transaction fee blog update here. 

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