Community | Updates Community Newsletter – June 7, 2021

Welcome back to another issue of our community newsletter.
Stay in the loop with the following updates!

Congrats to our Theta Tryouts Streamkey Recipients

A huge thank you to the community for making our first Theta Tryouts event very special. We’ve granted a total of 18 Streamkeys to streamers who were live on the Theta EdgeCast.

Keep an eye out for the return of Theta Tryouts in July!

June Lionsgate Movie: The Wicker Man

Prepare yourselves to watch top movies from Lionsgate including The Blair Witch Project, American Psycho, Leprechaun, The Devils Rejects, and now The Wicker Man!

Hello Streamer is Back and Better

Hello Streamer is a program to help either new or older streamers by promoting their channel on the front page. Take a look at the updated Hello Streamer info to learn more!

ThetaDrop Marketplace Coming June 15

Buy and sell your ThetaDrop NFTs and packs to complete your collection. Launching Tuesday, June 15th 2021.

Theta Network 3.0 Coming June 30

Take a look at the recent Theta Network blog covering updates leading up the the Mainnet 3.0 launch this month!

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