Community | Updates Community Newsletter – May 10, 2021

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TokuSHOUTsu on

Watch classic shows from Japan including Ultraman, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and more!

May Lionsgate Movie: The Devil's Rejects

Prepare yourselves to watch top movies from Lionsgate including The Blair Witch Project, American Psycho, Leprechaun, and now The Devils Rejects!

WPT ThetaDrop

At Theta Labs we apologize for the delay of the first WPT ThetaDrop, originally scheduled for this past Sunday May 2. The first WPT Thetadrop along with the Mike Sexton auction is now scheduled to begin Thursday, May 13, 4pm PT.

ThetaSwap Tutorial Contest Results

Thank to you to everyone who entered the ThetaSwap Tutorial Contest! Take a look at the winning submissions for this contest.

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