Hello Streamer #26

Welcom to Hello Streamer issue #26

 In this issue we have Barrett, endofforever and rushyrushu

Stream Schedule


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Message from Barrett

“I am Barrett, I enjoy shooters and fps games. But I also switch up my variety every once and a while.”

Consoles most used

Message from EndofForever

“Endo is a super passionate gamer who’s favorite game is currently Splitgate: Arena Warfare. He strives to be rank number 1 in the world and make content for the somewhat obscure FPS. When he’s not playing Splitgate, Endo enjoys many other games and looks forward to streaming Cyberpunk 2077 on ThetaTV.”

Consoles most used
PC and retro consoles.

Stream Schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday, with the schedule expanding in the future!

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Message from RushyRushu

“I’m a ball of energy, love to laugh and entertain my viewers with goofy phrases and props. I mostly stream dead by daylight my goal is to someday be a fog whisper for them. I love horror games as well with some fortnite and Destiny 2 thrown into the mix. I also stream with my amazeballz daughter mini Rush. My claim to fame, I sent in an audition tape to be in Scream 2 and got a call to fly to California for a real audition.

Consoles most used
Playstation and pc

Stream Schedule

Monday – Friday 4pm mst to 7pm mst

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How can I be part of Hello Streamer as a Streamer?
Streamers are selected at random or other users/streamers have recommended.

What do I need to do to get Limited Edition Emotes?

All you need to do is tune in to any of the 3 channels, when they’re live, and chat in their channel! If the streamer deems you worth of being chatty they will reward you with an emote crate

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