Hello Streamer #16

Welcom to Hello Streamer issue #16!

This week we have SeasideGamerUK and Sam1188!

About SeasideGamerUK

I'm SeasideGamerUK I'm 33 slowly getting into streaming been a slow start but I'm making progress I started off not being able to talk to new people now I'm ,making some good friends hopefully I can make many more. I got a lot of work to do and a lot of improving to do I've had some really low points where I felt like giving up but I've had some really good support on theta I've made a lot of mistakes in life but I've leaned a lot and now I want to be the best I can be and aim for the top never going to give up on anything ever again. I have a child with autism and he can be very vocal and I feel like people may not want to watch or follow if my mic is on but I love him so much and I love my gaming and streaming I just want to make everybody happy and spread awareness of autism because sometimes been getting some not nice comments but you cant just give up because of some people hopefully hello streamer will help me be able to get some support with this.

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When do they stream?

6pm UK time till 12am

What Consoles do you stream on the most?
Xbox one and PC

About Sam1188

My name is Sam love to stream and be able to create a community to always keep a positive vibe and have fun whilst streaming.

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When do they stream?

Stream everyday usually from the morning to night 9am to 9pm

What Consoles do you stream on the most?

How can I be part of Hello Streamer as a Streamer?
- Streamers are selected at random
- The community may also suggest streamers to the program! If you would like to suggest a streamer, please make sure you join our Discord!

What do I need to do to get Limited Edition Emotes?
All you need to do is tune in to any of the 3 channels, when they’re live, and chat in their channel!
If the streamer deems you worth of being chatty they will reward you with the emote!

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