Community | Updates Community Newsletter – July 27, 2020

Welcome back to another issue of our community newsletter.
Stay in the loop with the following updates!


THETAtv NASA Launch Stream

Thank you everyone who submitted their entry to host the upcoming official NASA launch stream on We will be announcing the winner of this competition on July 28 and the NASA Launch will take place on July 30 at 4am (PT)

Last Chance MGM Movie Night

We hope you’ve been enjoying the MGM Movie Nights. On July 31, we’ll be hosting a last chance movie night where we will be showcasing all the MGM movies that we have been streaming throughout the last few months. Get your popcorn ready and tune into some awesome classic movies. 

Streamer Guidelines Updates

Thanks to the feedback from the community, we have made some changes to our guidelines. We received a lot of great suggestions and thoughts on various topics about our guidelines. We are constantly looking to update our guidelines as our platform evolves and we appreciate the feedback from the passionate members from our community. 

1) Clarification on Suggestive Content
In our endeavor to nurture a healthy community and promote content that is appropriate for a diverse audience, sexually suggestive content is prohibited on THETAtv. In this regard, we wanted to remind all streamers to be mindful of any sexually suggestive behavior, content, and attire displayed on stream. Evaluations on the sexual suggestiveness of a behavior or activity will be addressed on a case by case basis. Context of each case will be considered.

2) 24/7 Stream Visibility
We understand the concerns regarding 24/7 streams. Partnered 24/7 streams are a great avenue for us to work with various partners interested in helping us expand our content and visibility, but as a live-streaming platform we do want to continue to promote live and engaging content for viewers on the platform. Starting on July 28, we will be taking a look at channels and will be lowering the visibility of streams not deemed to be actively engaging for viewers. We have platform updates coming to better support 24/7 and VoD content.

Our Streamer Guidelines are also updated to reflect these changes. 

Patch Notes

1) You can now adjust the volume on your alerts! 
Head over to your OBS Overlay settings in your channel dashboard to adjust your alert volume. 

2) Giveaway Bug Fix
We’ve heard some concerns about a few bugs regarding giveaway items. There have been fixes made to cases where inventory items disappeared if there was no recipient for the prize. Prizes that don’t have a recipient will default to being returned to your supply drop. 

3) Community Site Visual Rehaul
If you haven’t noticed, we have made quite a few significant changes to clean up the viewing experience of our community site. In addition we have made significant to most of our most visited landing pages. Feel free to let us know in Discord if any additional resources you would like to see added to our community pages!

Season 4 is Around the Corner

We are getting ready for the launch of Season 4 next month and it is looking to be an out of this world experience. Keep an eye out to many opporitunities to get involved with the new season. 

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