Streaming on Theta 101

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Welcome to Streaming on Theta 101.

Before we get started please make sure you have a Broadcasting Software and you were given a Stream Key

Without this, you won’t be able to stream. We’ve provided a link below to help.


First, head on over to your dashboard.

Click on your profile on the top right corner of the main page.

From there it should give you a drop down menu.

Look for Manage Channel and click on it.

Below is a shortcut link to the dashboard

This should have transported you to the Streaming Dashboard.

1. Look for a 3 barred icon on the Top left corner of your screen. It should be next to the THETA Icon. Click on that and a drop down should open.

2. Find the Channel Setting and click on that to bring up your Stream Key.

Below is a shortcut link to your channel Setting


Under Stream section: Copy the URL and Stream Key, you will need this later.


Open your broadcasting software

Go to your Settings

On the left side look for Stream

Under Service, set it to Custom

Paste your copied Stream URL and Key

Make sure you copy the settings exactly below for the best quality, lowest delay and no errors

This is also subjected to change based on preference*

Output Tab

Output Mode: Simple
Video Bitrate: 2500kbps

Encoder: Software (x264)
Audio Bitrate: 192
Check Enable Advanced Encoder Settings
Check Enforce streaming service bitrate limits
Encoder Preset: veryfast
Custom Encoder Settings: keyint=60

Under the Video tab in your OBS settings:

Base (Canvas Resolution): 1920×1080 (Choose your monitor’s resolution)
Output (Scaled) Resolution: 1280×720
Downscale Filter: Bicubic (Sharpened scaling, 16 sample)
Common FPS Values: 30

Once you’re done, hit Save/Done

OBS Start

All you have to do is press Start on your Streaming Program and you’re done setting up!

You’re all set!

Everything is good to go!

Make sure you take a look at your dashboard to monitor your stream.

The Dashboard is a useful tool to access various actions.

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