THETA.tv Patch Notes 1/24/2020

We heard your feedback and profoundly apologize for including the partner role as a leaderboard-based status that could be lost. It was never our intention to divide the community but instead, to create an exciting event around season-based rewards.

With these proposed changes, the goal is to promote a more collaborative environment on THETA.tv where streamers can help each other on their path to partner, yet still have a friendly competition around end-of-season prizes.

Patch Notes:

-Partner XP requirement is now a static 3 million XP for Season 1; there is no longer a set amount of ‘partner slots’ to compete over.
-Affiliate XP requirement is now a static 750,000 XP for Season 1.
-Partner status cannot be lost.

-Leaderboards are now called the “All-Star Arena,” which correlates only to end of season rewards, to be announced early next week.
-Channel (Streamer) XP earned through paid actions

- donations and subs - are now capped at 30% of a channel’s total XP.

Example 1: Stephen has 100,000 XP. Subs and donations cannot make up more than 30,000 XP until Stephen earns more XP through non-paid actions such as follows, chat, predictions, watch time, etc.

Example 2: Karen has not streamed on THETA.tv this season yet receives a $1,000 donation. Karen will have 0 XP on the Leaderboards. As Karen streams and receives engagement XP, then the XP from her large donation begins to count little by little, staying at no more than 30%

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