Community | Updates Community Newsletter – Sept 2, 2021

Welcome back to another issue of our community newsletter.
Stay in the loop with the following updates! Poker Night

We are excited to be running our first ever poker event on Watch over 50 members from the THETA community compete in fast-paced poker action!

Our First Theta Creator Drop

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first drop on ThetaDrop showcasing members from the community. If you missed the drop, you might be able to still find the NFTs listed on the marketplace. Let us know if you want to see another Creator Drop in the near future!

Transfer your $TFUEL to ThetaDrop

You can now purchase ThetaDrop NFTs using your $TFuel from THETAtv!

Transfer up to 100 TFuel every 30 days to and add new NFTs to your collection. 

Here's a few Videos we recommend to check out!

Share your VODs with us on Twitter by tweeting out your video links with #THETAVOD

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