We hope you're ready for an amazing lineup of amazing folks who have been a part of making it is today. This page will be your festival guide to find out who is streaming during THETAPALOOZA!
(Times are in PDT)

Thursday 6/25

Co-Op Stage

Time Slot Streamer
6AM - 8 AM Eeveeseer
8AM-10AM Fartahcus
2PM - 4 PM Capncucumber
4PM - 6PM raids

Gamergoo Stage

Time Streamer
10:00 AM GamerGoo
1PM-2PM Wafflefamily
2PM - 3PM GamerGoo
3PM - 4PM GamerGoo
4PM - 5PM Vesi

FPS Stage

Time Slot Streamer
2AM - 4AM anarcist
10AM - 12PM Ladyrebel
12PM - 2PM SuitingRex
2PM - 4PM AgentBrawlrus
4PM - 6PM Joefosho


Friday 6/26

GFuel Stage

Time Streamer
11:00am - 2pm GFUEL (Cliff)
3pm - 7pm Bobby Airbrush

Music Stage

Time Slot Streamer
4pm-5pm ShortKut
6pm - 8pm dj1dabread
8pm - 10pm fatseaturtle
9pm-10pm StepOutsideYourBox

EMGG Stage

Time Slot Streamer
5AM-7AM Zimm
7AM-9AM DaVirus
9AM-11AM KillsOnFleek
11AM-1PM Dilpickle1
1PM-3PM Embossable
3PM-5PM Tani

MOBA Stage

Time Slot Streamer
12pm-2pm Gogeta
4pm - 6pm Akilsainon
10pm - 12pm Keggerade

Saturday 6/27

Artesian Builds Stage

Time Streamer
12pm - 3pm Artesian Builds

SizzlePopcorn Stage

Time Streamer
5pm - 9pm SizzlePopcorn

Music Stage 

Time Slot Streamer
2pm - 3pm Friedpopcorn06
3pm - 5pm fatseaturtle
5pm - 6pm Ronny09
6pm - 7pm AiDeiLow

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