F is for Friends

F is for friends who do stuff together, and you are our F!

Put the F in FUN! We've got a lot of cool new events, content, and ways to get involved in the SLIVER community! This post provides more info about all the new things that have come to SLIVER as well as more details regarding the events taking place with this new program.

New Crates

We've spiced up rewards with some sweet new F crates. You should see these crates on all of our channels. Make sure to take a look at them to see all the cool things they have inside.

New Giveaways and Airdrops

We've got some fun giveaways and airdrops planned for you! We're also returning the much sought after Spongepop Squarebadge that will be able to be available during the event.

Keep an eye out for additional special giveaways and airdrops

F is also for a Fortnite Tournament! (Maybe Apex tho)

Watch the first Fortnite tournament to ever be hosted by SLIVER! You'll be able to watch your favorite SLIVER Streamers battle for victory! We have a lot of things in the works for these tournaments, and we hope you will enjoy what is about to happen!

Play Games with Streamers

We'll be spotlighting SLIVER Streamers who will be playing viewer games while on SLIVER! Make some memories playing some fun games with your favorite SLIVER Streamer. We will be posting a schedule on this page once our streamer schedule is determined.

Viewer Game Schedule

*All times listed are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Tue (2/12) Wed (2/13) Thurs (2/14) Friday (2/15) Saturday (2/16)
12am CptLuckyy
RizbroXBL (Jackbox Party Pack 3)
4am DoxyLaura
(Fortnite / Jackbox)
TheWhiteBombo (CSGO)
8am Emma55525
MayorReynoldsWP Carms Chunks_UK (PUBG, PC)
12pm SirloganMoore
(Destiny 2 PS4)
Yosoykush icujwalker
MrClassicDale (Fortnite)
4pm lady rebel
bulletcases (BO4) Bigheadgamess (BO4)
8pm paragon_official (apex) OGCatfishTV (Fortnite) GetnSweaty (Realm Royale) BadDropGaming (Apex Legends Xbox)

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