System Updates and Maintenance (May 7)

We are currently in the process of revamping our skin inventory systems. Skin withdrawals make take longer than expected due to new changes implemented by Steam and our new skin trade system.

You are highly recommended to sell back your PUBG items for diamonds as the game developers have removed the trading feature. You can use diamonds in our store to redeem a wide variety of prizes including gift cards, GFUEL products, and more . We are in the process of adding new exciting things to our store.

If you wish to keep PUBG skins in your SLIVER inventory, we will grant your skins if trading is enabled in the future. Our CSGO inventory should be running normally within this current week.

Let us know in our Discord #suggestions channel if there are any prizes (not already in the store) you would like to be able to redeem with diamonds Moving forward, we are looking forward to explore a wide variety of prizes that you all can win!

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