Creator Monetization Guide

Unlock Monetization: To unlock monetization, you must acquire 300 followers and 200 watch hours across your streaming and/or video content.

Once these bars are filled, an admin is automatically notified and will send you an email within 5 business days to notify you that you have unlocked monetization features! This will also include an invite to Tipalti, our payment services provider, to fill out some information in order to be eligible for payouts.

Earning Sources:

TFUEL Donations – Users can donate TFUEL earned from watching streams directly into your wallet. These donations can be customized to appear as an alert on your overlay.

TFUEL Pool – 25% of all TFUEL earned by your viewers automatically goes directly into your wallet. The monthly balance of your TFUEL pool can be viewed below your stream and resets on the first of each month.

Subscriptions – Viewers can subscribe to your channel to support you and receive special perks like sub emotes, sub badge in chat, access to OnlySubs content, and anything else special you decide to add to your club! Subscriptions can be paid entirely in TFUEL, via credit card, or a combination of both. Affiliates receive 50/50 sub revenue and partners receive 60/40 sub revenue.

CC Donations – Viewers can donate to your channel directly with their credit card which gets added into your stable coin balance. 100 stable coin= $1 USD.

Converting between TFUEL <> Stable Coin

Navigate to your earnings dashboard to see your wallet balances of TFUEL and Stable Coin and convert between both currencies at the approximate market price found on CMC.

TFUEL → Stable Coin Conversion = No Fee

Stable Coin→ TFUEL Conversion = 30% Fee

How to withdraw TFUEL

Simply add a request before the end of each month at

Minimum TFUEL Withdrawal = 500 TFUEL

How to withdraw Stable Coin

Any account with more than 100 Stable Coin, equivalent to $100 USD, will have their Stable Coin automatically withdrawn on the first business day of each month and paid within 15 days to their payment method of choice selected on Tipalti.