This page contains more advanced FAQs regarding TFuel and the Theta Network.


  • How/When do I receive token earnings?

    • When you relay video segments to other users AND those segments are received, then those users sign a receipt and send it back to you. When you submit those receipts to the blockchain, the token rewards are then sent to the wallet address, linked with your account. That is the comprehensive process for how a user accrues tokens.


  • What is ‘Pending Earnings’? And what is ‘Earnings This Session’?

    • Pending Earnings indicates the amount of TFuel earnings you are set to receive when the payment receipts are submitted to the blockchain. Payment receipts are submitted every 10 minutes, starting from the time you start watching the stream.
    • Earnings This Session indicates the amount of TFuel earnings (submitted to the blockchain) you have accrued so far since you started watching the stream. If you refresh your browser, the Earnings This Session number will reset because you have started a new session.


  • Will I lose my Pending Earnings if I leave the page before 10 minutes?

    • No. Your Pending Earnings reflect the number of payment receipts you have accrued. The next time you submit payment receipts to the blockchain, those will be included, and your TFuel earnings will increase accordingly. (However, they will not appear again in the ‘Pending Earnings’ field when you open a new stream or start a new session.)


  • Can I earn unlimited TFuel by opening up a ton of windows?

    • Short answer: No. TFuel earnings is a feature we’ve implemented to reward users for enjoying content on our platform, not for manipulating incentives to game the system. If you’d like to earn more TFuel, please consider participating in the Theta Network as a dedicated Edge Cacher. We are working on that product and will release it soon. Thanks for participating on and for all of your support.


  • How does peering work?

    • Users are grouped into a peer group and are then able to receive/send video segments from/to their peers. A user’s peer group is updated periodically to ensure they are matched with the most optimal set of peers to exchange video data with.


  • How are peer groups made?

    • Peer groups are decided based on a number of factors including a user’s geographical location, their ISP, internet connection, response time, etc. Because of this, if you are in a remote region, you may not be able to be grouped with peers whom you can relay video data to.


  • How many peers am I grouped with?

    • Users are grouped with the most ideal set of 9 other peers, but at any given time there may be just a couple of peers you are actively relaying and exchanging data with.


  • I don’t live in a remote region, why don’t I have any peers?

    • See the response to ‘How are peer groups made?’ - Peering is not just based on geographical proximity, but other network-related conditions as well.
      For example, someone in San Francisco using AT&T internet may be peered with another user in LA using AT&T internet -- because data sent within an ISP’s network is more efficient -- even if there are others in San Francisco that are on Verizon internet.


  • Can I be peered with others using on different devices or browsers?

    • Yes and Yes. The Android app currently supports Theta, as do the Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers on Mac and Windows PC. If you are watching content from any of those supported browsers/apps, there should be no problem with peering.


  • Do I receive token earnings for video data I get “From Network”?

    • No, users only receive token rewards for their contributions to other peers in the Theta Network.

Nerd Stats

  • How the Theta Network and TFuel Earnings Work on

    • Click on the 1/0 button to reveal more stats

    • Active Peers, Active Outbound Peers, P2P Outbound Bandwidth, P2P Inbound Bandwidth are all variable - they keep changing
      • If a user’s P2P Outbound Bandwidth and Active Outbound Peers have stayed at 0 for a prolonged period of time, that means the user has not been sending out data to peers, and thats why there has been no earnings

    • P2P Outbound Chunks, P2P Inbound Chunks, and CDN Chunks are cumulative numbers - they keep adding up
      • If a user has no P2P Outbound Chunks, he hasn’t been sending out data and thats why there’s been no earnings
      • Note: P2P Outbound Chunks counts the number of sliced segments that have been relayed (5 sliced segments per whole segment) whereas P2P Inbound Chunks counts the number of whole segments that have been received

    • Total Sent Receipts
      • Indicates how many micropayment receipts have been sent by you to other peers.

    • Total Received Receipts
      • Indicates how many micropayment receipts you have received. This should give you a good indication of whether / how much TFuel you have earned this session. If this number is 0, you should not have earned any TFuel this session EVEN IF you have sent P2P Outbound Chunks or there has been data relayed as shown in the TO PEERS field.

    • IMPORTANT: Even if there has been outbound data relayed to peers (as shown by the P2P Outbound Chunks stat), a peer must receive the video segment in time AND also send back a micropayment receipt for the user to accrue token earnings

    • Streamer split - TFuel channels include a feature called "streamer share" where a portion of TFuel earned goes to streamers / content creators, which is one of the ways that they benefit by moving to a Theta-enabled platform (and so attracts the best content to Theta platforms). The amount that is currently being automatically allocated to Streamers is not reflected in the UI.  Your "Pending Earnings" shows the total amount of TFuel, but your "Earnings This Session" is the actual share of TFuel that you have earned as a user".