Hi there! Congrats on receiving a SLIVERtv Premium Tryout to join our wonderful family of  TFuel streamers. This page contains some important info that may be useful for you as you stream for the first time on SLIVER.

What makes this a premium tryout?

1. Front Page visibility on SLIVER for your two tryouts!

We'll make sure your channel gets seen for your tryout slots. This is a great opportunity for you to get a head start in building followers for your channel.

2. Fuel Pool

We'll be activating the TFuel pool for your tryout streams. This means that you will be earning TFuel from viewers who are watching your stream!

3. Subs

In a premium tryout, we will be giving you the opportunity for users to subscribe to your channel.

Pre-Tryout FAQ

Adding a password

In the case you registered you SLIVER using an auth type (including Steam, Twitch, or Facebook) you will need to create a password to get access to our exclusive streamer tools.

Here's some simple steps to generate a password for your account:

1st. Make sure you have an email attached to your SLIVER account: https://www.sliver.tv/account/settings/change-email

2nd. Log out of your SLIVER account

3rd. Click the button to login to SLIVER

4th. Hit "forgot password" and enter their email.

Using the Mod tool

Here's a video going over the various features of the mod tool:

Suppy Drops

Prior to your tryout, you will receive a TFuel Affilate Airdrop containing many prizes you can use to reward activity in your channel.

With these supply drops, you will be able to click on a user in chat to grant them an item or use them to create giveaways to engage your audience!

What are we looking for during your tryout?

During your tryout, we would love to see you just be yourself as a streamer. This is a great opportunity to see if you are a good fit for the community as well as to get accustomed to the powerful user engagement tools we have on SLIVER.

A couple metrics that we do look at are the following:

  • User Referrals
  • Chat activity
  • Unique Viewers
  • Overall user engagement

What happens after my tryout?

After your tryout times, you should receive a response regarding your tryout via an email. Please be patient as we take the time to check with staff and metrics to ensure that you would be a strong addition to our streamer roster.