Introducing Streamer Supply Drops!

TFuel streamers now have the ability to directly grant you an item such as a G FUEL shaker, crates, skins, and more.

Streamers are now in complete control of their channel, from starting your stream, to creating giveaways, making predictions, and now also granting prizes to your active viewers!

1. Every week streamers will receive a supply drop - a package of prizes to be used to grant to users, in your predictions, or in your grand giveaway.

2. Supply drops contain crates, buffs, badges, sponsored items, TFUEL packs, and merch

3. Prizes MUST be used during that week. When a new drop happens, all previous week’s items that are unused will disappear.

4. Supply drop items will appear in the giveaway items tab in your Mod tool or when you click on a user in chat.

5. Mods can be added by streamers assist them in managing predictions and giveaways using supply drop items

Streamers are now the primary source of crates, buffs, and badges for viewers. Check in with your favorite streamer every Tuesday between 1-4pm PT for a new supply drop every week! :smiley:

Note: Any streamers found to be abusing their supply drop awards in any way may have their role / privileges permanently removed.