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Double XP December

Get Double XP for completing special actions and get a chance to WIN big prizes!

Each week in December, a different action will give you Double XP!

Week 1: 2x Follows and Prediction XP
Week 2: 2x Chat/Hello and Watching XP
Week 3: 2X Subs and Gift Subs XP
Week 4: 2X Donation XP
Week 5: 2X XP for Chat, Follows, Subs AND Donation [THIS WEEK]

Check back every Monday to find out what action give you Double XP!

Learn about XP here

FINAL Standings

  1. Dadjudicator
  2. Indominus
  3. Rancherito
  1. ChinoGames
  2. FilthEHooker
  3. NotToday

Streamer Prizes

First Place

Custom Animated Emote + Premium Supply Drop + Hall of Fame

Second Place

Premium Supply Drop + 30 Free Channel Subs

Third Place

Premium Supply Drop + 15 Free Channel Subs

User Prizes

First Place

Limited Edition Sliver Hoody+ Free Sub + Hall of Fame

Second Place

Limited Edition Sliver Hoody + Free Sub

Third Place

Limited Edition Sliver Hoody