What is XP?

XP stands for Experience Points. Just like many of your favorite games and RPGs, THETA.tv now has points that you can earn just by doing regular actions you would normally do on THETA.tv. As you earn XP you will begin earning Levels the more you participate. Levels and XP are earned separately on EACH Streamer’s channel on Sliver.

How do I earn XP?

XP is earned by performing actions on a Streamer’s channel. Actions include watching, participating in predictions, performing social actions on a giveaway, chatting, saying “Hello”, following, donating TFuel, and subbing.

How much XP do I get?

Each action on a channel will earn you a different amount of XP and certain actions have a limit on the amount of XP that you can earn in a certain time period.

  • Watching: 1 XP per Minute
  • Social Actions: 5 XP per Action
  • Entering a Prediction: 20 XP per Prediction up to 100 XP per Hour
  • Boosting a Prediction: 10 XP per Boost up to 50 XP per Hour
  • Message in Chat: 5 XP per Message up to 100 XP per 10 Minutes
  • Saying “Hello” in Chat: 50XP per Day
  • Following a Channel: 1000 XP 
  • TFuel Donations: 200 XP per Dollar donated up to 50,000 XP a Day and 150,000 XP a Month
  • Gift Donations: 200 XP per Dollar donated up to 50,000 XP a Day and 150,000 XP a Month
  • Gift Subscribe: 1000 XP up to 10,000 XP per Day and 150,000 per Month (The user who gets the gift will get 10,000 XP too)
  • Subscribe: 10,000 XP per Month

What do I get for my XP?

Get the most XP for the most clout on THETA.tv! Also, keep an eye out for special promotions or prizes for the users with the most XP.