5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your SLIVER Channel

1. Take advantage of SLIVER Tools to Engage Your Audience

Utilize the tools on SLIVER to best engage your audience. Depending on your current SLIVER streamer role, you will access to a variety of engagement tools. Get creative with these tools and get feedback from your community to find out what they like!

2. Have A Visible Consistent Streaming Schedule

Make it very easy for people to know where and when they can find your stream. You can use your offline image and social media to share your stream schedule!

3. Use Predictions for Chat Engagement

Get creative with the prediction tool! Use predictions to create fun opportunities for chat to interact with your content.

4. Viewers remember how you make them FEEL

Did you make them laugh? Did you drop their jaw with your insane gameplay? Do you have a 'character' you play that intrigues the audience? Find out what your niche/personality is that makes you special, and play to that!

5. Engage With SLIVER on All Social Media Platforms

Engage with SLIVER on social media to get cross-exposure to SLIVER's followers. We highly recommend that you get social with us on both Twitter and Instagram.

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