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The Return of the SLIVER Surge

Have YOUR Stream ELECTRIFIED By the SLIVER Community

Get SHOCKED with Exciting Donation Goals

Be ENERGIZED About this New Opportunity for Streamers on SLIVER

The SLIVER Surge Returns!

After seeing the results from our last community poll, we think it is about time to bring back the SLIVER Surge! In this new iteration of the SLIVER Surge, we will be blowing up a streamer from the SLIVER community each week. We'll have fun new challenges each week including donation incentives, follower goals, and much more! Come by to show some love to a streamer from the SLIVER streaming community, win some fresh Surge crates, and earn those tasty Surge badges.

Every Friday at 1pm PDT!

Here's a look at past SLIVER Surges:

Want to be Surged?

We will be surging streamers who are currently a part of our SLIVER Spotlight Program. There will be a different streamer that we will Surge every week. We will be inviting streamers who have had a positive impact on the SLIVER community, and we are also open to suggestions from everyone at SLIVER about who we should Surge next! Streamers will be streaming via the Theta Network during the Surge. TFuel Partners and TFuel Affiliates are not eligible for the SLIVER Surge.

Know a streamer who would be great for the Surge?

We will be posting more details about the SLIVER Surge after running this first Surge. Keep an eye out for more details on how to get involved in the SLIVER Surge as a viewer or streamer. There are definitely quite a few exciting things to come with the SLIVER Surge. Feel free to tweet us @SLIVERtv360 about any SLIVER streamers who would be great for a SLIVER Surge!

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