What is a THETA.tv Ambassador?

As an Ambassador, you will be the face of Theta.tv to your community and will focus on recruiting and providing moderation and support to your community. As a role model to your community, you are a direct representative of Theta.tv and should embody the core values of Theta.tv. We will expect the highest level of conduct from our Ambassadors and in turn, you will be given the honor of representing the entire Theta.tv community.

Benefits of Being a THETA.tv Ambassador

  • You will have direct access to Theta.tv staff to bring any problems or needs that your community has. We will work directly with you to provide immediate feedback or solutions to your issues.

  • You will be given special access to stream keys in order to help recruit more streamers to the platform.

  • Ambassadors will have a special role in Discord

  • Ambassadors and their communities will have extra opportunities to be featured on Official Theta.tv social media and on Theta.tv Featured Slots.

How To Apply

Submit your application here:


You will be contacted via Discord if you are accepted into the THETA.tv Ambassador Program.