This guide will show you how to claim your Splitgate TFuel Skin

Step 1: Download Splitgate

Use the following button for a free download of Splitgate.

Step 2: View the Skin Prize in Your Inventory

Click the view button on the skin prize in your inventory to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Claim the Prize

After claiming the prize you should be given a code that you can use to claim the skins in Steam.

Step 4: Active Your Prize in Steam

In the Steam client, navigate to the area where you can active a product on Steam using a code.

Step 5: Enter the Code You Received from SLIVER

Enter the code you received from SLIVER from when you claimed your Splitgate skin prize.

Play Splitgate with Your New TFuel Skins!

You should see the skins in your locker once you enter the game. Have fun fragging out with your new TFuel skins!