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Generative NFTs inspired by

Dropping on Friday August 26 @ 1pm PT

Unique NFT art showcasing characters Teddy and Tammy you may have seen in many community pages and emotes! 
Coming soon to ThetaDrop.


All Revenue from this first THETAtv Creator Club drop will go to supporting Streamers. 


Look forward to future utility including long term benefits, exclusive online events, and more that will be made possible by your Creator Club NFTs!

THETAtv Creator Fund

All revenue* from this drop will be allocated into the THETAtv Creator fund.

65% (~$35,750 USD) Distributed to Streamers that Reach Base Requirement Stats
35% (~$19,250 USD) Distributed to Streamers that Reach 2x Base Requirement Stats

Proceeds from ThetaDrop secondary marketplace purchases will support a variety of other facets such as events, programs, and more!

* After Minting Fees
** Estimated distributions based on revenue if all editions are sold during the drop

Requirements to be eligible: 

1) Must be a monetized Creator
2) Base Requirements: 10 Avg Viewers / 50 Unique Chatters / 20 Stream Hours (Past 30 days)

* Based on data available on your channel stats page (
** Snapshot of stats will be taken on September 30 @ 1pm PT
*** The funds will be distributed as a part of the October Creator Payout

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