Airdrops are another exciting way to win prizes on THETA!

This page will provide you more info about what Airdrops are on THETA and how you can win them. 

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What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is a limited time offer where an item is dropped in every user's inventory. These special prizes can only be redeemed by the quickest users able to claim them. 

When do airdrops happen?

We currently have an airdrop scheduled every Friday with GFUEL at 3PM PST. Prizes can be dropped anytime within 30 minutes of the Airdrop start time. Keep an eye on the #airdrops channel in Discord when more airdrops are announced.

How do I know if the airdrop is over?

We will be announced the start and end of airdrops in our Discord server. 

What are the prizes?

The prizes vary per airdrop. In the past we have even airdropped a GTX 1060! For our weekly Friday airdrops, we are dropping 100 GFUEL Starter Kits. Look out for more prizes and times in the future!

How do I know if I won?

If you successfully claimed a physical prize airdrop, you will receive an email with the redemption link. Prizes usually run out in seconds. If you do not receive anything, you most likely were unable to claim in time. 

I have an Airdrop item stuck in my inventory

Prizes from airdrops are strictly limited to the first users who successfully claim it. A successful claim would usually results in an e-mail including the promo code. Any items from Airdrops stuck in user's inventories are not valid and can be removed by an admin or support.

Pro Tip

Download our Android app to get an edge against the competition! We'll be sending out a mobile notification very closely to the actual airdrop times.