How do I transfer my $TFUEL?

To link your ThetaDrop account using the Transfer link:

Click Connect to be able to connect your ThetaDrop account to your account.

Then, choose how much TFuel you want to transfer and press the “Transfer TFuel” button (up to 400 TFuel per every 30 days).

How much $TFUEL can I withdraw from →

You can transfer 400 TFUEL per every 30 days may be transferred from to

Can I transfer my $TFUEL back to if I change my mind?

After you transfer your $TFUEL from to, it may NOT be transferred back to

What can I do with my $TFUEL on ThetaDrop?

You can buy NFTs from primary and secondary sales that allow $TFUEL payments. Browse available collections here.

FAQ: Help! I do not see my transfer on ThetaDrop.

It is very possible that your transfer went through properly but your total needs to be refreshed on your end.

To refresh your totals proceed to your balances page by clicking your account icon in the top right then clicking “Go to balances”

Once you are on the balances page, go to TFuel balances and pretend like you are going to deposit TFuel.
This is done by clicking deposit TFuel and agreeing to the warning.

Once you see your deposit QR code, your TFuel balance should be refreshed in within 5 minutes. 

You are now to explore ThetaDrop as you wish. Feel free to close the deposit window.