What is a Theta Token?

Theta Tokens are a cryptocurrency made by SLIVER.tv with real-world value that users can earn and spend on the website.


What can I spend Theta Tokens on?

You can donate Theta Tokens to your favorite SLIVER streamer or spend them in our store.

How do I earn Theta Tokens?

There are many ways to earn Theta Tokens on SLIVER.tv!

 1. Crates - open crates when you predict matches correctly on our 24/7 channels!

 2. Daily Rewards - log in to SLIVER.tv each day for a new reward, including Theta Tokens!

 3. Airdrops - Theta Token airdrops happen every Sunday at 11am.

 4. Giveaways - Win Theta Tokens in giveaways! Keep an eye on GG.SLIVER.TV.

 5. Sellbacks - Win a prize on SLIVER.tv and sell it back for diamonds, then convert your diamonds to Theta Tokens!

How do I sell back diamonds for Theta?

Buy Theta directly with your diamonds or try your luck on a Theta crate for a chance to win big at UPGRADE.SLIVER.TV.

Why Does Theta Token exist?

Big companies like Twitch, YouTube, and SLIVER.tv have to pay Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) HUGE amounts of money to deliver video content to each viewer. SLIVER.tv would rather pay that money to our users that are willing to have their computers automatically relay video content for them.  Essentially, you help SLIVER.tv by offloading the video bandwidth that would have been delivered by the CDNs, and in return you earn Theta Tokens for your contributions. Learn more here.

Now go watch some games on SLIVER.tv and score some Theta Tokens!