Congrats - You’ve been selected to show your gaming videos on!

What we’re looking for: Entertaining videos that show a majority of gameplay from any video game. Minimum 60 minute length.

How to submit:

  1. Upload your video to Google Drive and send us the link below.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link below. Be sure to update the description to say “I give express permission for to broadcast this video in perpetuity” or we won’t use it!
  3. For multiple VODs please submit the form below for each VOD you would like us to consider. 

VOD Submission
Link to your VOD submission

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's in it for me?

A massive SLIVER audience will view your videos and find out about YOU on our new 24/7 channel. In your submitted videos, feel free to plug all your social media channels and remind folks to follow! You'll definitely see an uptick in followers.

Can I submit past Twitch broadcasts or YouTube videos?

Sure. The video doesn’t have to be exclusive to SLIVER… send us your favorite videos that you’ve created in the past, or feel free to make new ones!

Which channel will the videos will be shown on?

We will email you a link with the new channel next week.

How will I know if my video gets shown on

Watch the channel! The best videos will be shown more than once.

When will videos be shown?

Starting Monday June 18th, the channel will run four hours 1pm-5pm PST. We will quickly ramp up to 24/7 over the following weeks.